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We are a private chef hire service tailored to suit your requirements and we are happy to meet your every demand. We will travel to your required destination anywhere in the world. We specialise in dinner parties within your own home, villa, chalet or yacht but offer a wide range of other services from catering to small or large events at any location.

Luxury Private Chef started early in 2012 but have accommodated such services prior our opening.
Our leading chef and founder of Luxury Private Chef 'Joshua Jennings-Todd' will normally be your personal chef, in the event he is busy another highly trained chef can be arranged for your services. Please see the 'our team' section for more info or on Linkedin

What we are offering is a memorable dining experience within your own home or any preferred exclusive location, we know how important it is to host a fantastic night and we make dining in feel like dining out. So, you have the comfort of your choice but with the service of a high-end restaurant; no worries of preparing the table, getting the oven pre-heated or clearing away the mess. We do it all for you!

We are extremely passionate and make eating exciting, we have always believed that cooking is far from a chore and a great way to bring the family and friends together to have a meaningful time while indulging into something amazing. We thoroughly enjoy satisfying peoples taste buds and with choosing us we will not disappoint.

Our affiliated company 'Sierra Retreats' also arranges bookings for the services we provide. Not only can you book private staff, Sierra Retreats will arrange a bespoke tailor-made holiday for you. 

Award winning private chef Joshua Todd founder of Luxury Private Chef
Joshua Todd Private Chef Near Me
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